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Merchant Funding

Do you need a faster, more effective and hassle-free alternative to traditional bank financing to acquire money for your business?

Merchant Advance Funding is a program that provides your business

with advanced funds on your future credit card processing deposits.

An agreed upon percentage is taken directly from your business'

future Visa and MasterCard credit card processing deposits until

the advance is fully repaid. Click for requirements!

Advance amounts can be anywhere from up to 150% of your business' average monthly credit card processing volume. This volume is calculated from the prior six months of credit card processing statements. Funding is quick; you generally receive funding within 5 days after a signed contract is received.


* Will service All 50 States
* Non-recourse, no PG (Personal Guarantee) required
* Quick 48-72 hrs approvals, one page application
* It’s private money ($3k min), so flexible terms, savings
* Will advance on account receivables and purchase orders
* No upfront fees, ever!
* Can payoff existing loan for better terms and extra cash
* Will also fund account receivables and purchase orders!

  • Advance repayment takes about seven months. Unlike a bank, the payback period is not fixed, because the repayment amount is based from a percentage of your business' credit card processing receipts. It may take longer or shorter than seven months to repay the advance.
  • A business is required to process their credit cards with

    I express gratitude from the deep of my heart for your precious time spent and assistance. I will always be grateful to you for this goodness.

    us in order to receive funding simply because this is how we secure our funds. You can be assured that rates with our company will never be higher than what you are currently paying. Generally, businesses actually save money by processing with us, so this is an additional benefit to the Merchant Funding Program.
  • Merchant funding is also known as merchant factoring and is not a loan. There is no interest rate, and there are no requirements for collateral, financials, tax returns, audits, no need to consider personal credit, or etc. Click here for requirement details!
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Documentation Requirements

Businesses who take credit cards must send in 3 months bank statements and

6 months merchant account statements.

Those who do not take credit cards must send in 12 months of bank statements (like Lanlords, etc.)